Nappa Milano is the embodiment of our rich experience in shoemaking. As the name suggests, Nappa Milano shoes are made with premium quality leather famous for its soft texture (nappa). Classic timeless style combined with a touch of the latest fashion, our shoes are the quintessential accessories for modern men.

Nonetheless, we realize the finest material would only be valuable with the best construction. Our founding father perfected the skill of shoemaking in Italy, the epitome of quality leatherwear. Nappa Milano understands the structure and the anatomy of a comfortable footwear.

We started as a supplier to various luxury brands, but we grew concerned with overpriced products the market currently offers. With more than 20 years of experience, Nappa Milano gives an alternative of affordability without sacrificing the quality. Our shoes are manufactured in our own workshop, allowing us to cut the costs of production.

The raw materials are locally source from the best leather producer in the island of Java. We select only the softest and most flexible leather which can provide us with the best canvas to work with. Nappa Milano proudly presents our collection of Indonesian quality footwear.