Bolt Hammer
Bolt HammerBolt HammerBolt HammerBolt HammerBolt Hammer
Rp 289,000.00Rp 689,000.00
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Every detail of this easy pair plays a part in being the shoes for your every move. The Bolt Hammer provides achromatic colour with two shades of grey of nubuck leather and mesh garment. With its design that screams versatility and offers next-level comfort, this pair is made for everyone and every purpose– for a broader circle.

Available in two variants– Bolt Canyon and Bolt Hammer.


Cyrus Retro
Rp 689,000.00Rp 289,000.00
Bolt Canyon
Rp 689,000.00Rp 289,000.00
Cyrus Alley
Rp 689,000.00Rp 289,000.00