Cyrus Cirro
Cyrus CirroCyrus CirroCyrus CirroCyrus CirroCyrus Cirro
Rp 799,000.00Rp 799,000.00
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Nappa Milano x Kevinswork brought you Cyrus Cirro. The name Cirro came from the Cirrocumulus cloud, tiny white clouds grouped at high levels and surrounded by bright blue sky. Like its name, Cyrus Cirro offers you a bright-coloured upper design. This pair also provides next-level comfort, so you can have the support you require while moving easily with its slick design. Looking for a shoe that can represent your life's high and fun times? Cyrus Cirro is your answer!


- Upper: Nappa Leather & Nubuck Leather

- Lining: Lambskin

- Outsole: EVA Rubber


Nimbo Loafers
Rp 799,000.00Rp 799,000.00